I can't say enough about Cassie.  She was my midwife for a VBAC and because of her I was able to have a vaginal birth which I was told wasn't possible.  I got pregnant when my son was 15 months and I look up WRM met Cassie and loved her from day one.  She is so warm and welcoming she made me feel like everything was going to be ok from day one.  I would recommend Cassie to any pregnant woman but especially a VBAC.  Thank you for all you did for my family!

- SH

Cassie was amazing!  She was my midwife for the birth of my second little one, in January 2017.  She answered all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they'd be.  She was always so calm and patient with me.  I was going for a VBAC with my daughter, and I had a lot of fears.  Cassie put them all to rest, and reminded me that I am enough.  <3

- JJ

Cassie Franco was my midwife for my third child.  She also assisted on my second child.  Although, I loved my midwife for my second delivery I opted to ask Cassie to be my midwife for my third.  She was caring, thorough and understanding.  Physically I had a fairly easy pregnancy but Cassie was constantly checking to make sure my baby and I were healthy.  Mentally I needed a lot of support and she was always welcoming and willing to hear my concerns and issues, my midwife and therapist all in one.  Since this was my third child, and I had a history of quick delivery, I called her the minute I had regular contractions.  She waited patiently as nothing progressed for a few hours then right when everyone stepped out my little boy took it up a notch lol.  She was a great coach, along with my husband, and a few hours later I had my healthy 9lb 10oz baby boy... perfect!!!  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a midwife.  She also provided my encapsulation!

- GL

Cassie and Sherry at WRM were with me throughout my pregnancy with my second child and during my home birth. Cassie is thorough, caring, gentle, and everything I could have wanted in a midwife.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled midwife.

- TB

Cassie was my midwife for the birth of my second daughter in January 2017. She is a true gift to the birth community. Her calm and adoring demeanor would put anyone at ease. Cassie is equally compassionate as she is skilled and educated on all birth topics. I can not thank you enough for all that you've done.  love from the Giordano family!

- CG

Cassie was my midwife during my birth journey.  Being pregnant for the first time I felt I needed someone that would give me more attention, spend time with me, and educate me the way I wanted before entering the birthing process. Cassie was ALWAYS available, (even when I called her at 2am).  She was calm, reassuring, and helped me make the best decision for my birthing process.  I ended up choosing to do a hospital transport because I was pushing for about 2 hours and nothing was happening.  (This was after about 25 hours of labor already).  I was spent, but Cassie made sure I knew that I COULD keep going if I wanted to because all was healthy, and when I opted out she made sure that I was transported to the hospital that had the best doctor at that time on staff.  I felt safe, I trusted her opinion, and despite the insane hours she was at my house she STILL offered to come to the hospital and help me make decisions there.  I told her to go home, however she was willing to continue to put in those hours despite being at my house through the night.  Overall it was a very successful experience and I would definitely do it again!  Thank you Cassie!

- BS

I am so glad that I hired Cassie to be my doula.  She was such a positive energy in my room, and she seemed to be able to anticipate my feelings and my needs, swiftly providing support and comfort when I needed her the most.  I value her experience and professionalism, as well as having a "neutral party" close at hand.  Thank you for everything Cassie.  You are an amazing doula!

- RM

I am so happy with our choice to use Cassie as our doula.  She not only made me feel very comfortable and confident during my labor and delivery of my daughter, but she also eased my husband's mind by being there to guide him with different labor techniques.  She is kind and compassionate and very passionate about being a doula.  She truly loves her work and you can feel that when you work with her.  She went above and beyond to be there for me and my husband without being overly intrusive.  She has a special touch.  I feel grateful to her for being there for me during that special time and would highly recommend her.

- KM

Deciding to use a doula for my third child was a late decision.  I decided I wanted a natural childbirth after I had epidurals for my first two births and figured my husband couldn't handle all that pressure alone, so we looked into getting a doula.  Once I met Cassie I knew she was the one for us.  She is an amazing listener and is very easy to talk to and communicates very well.  All things necessary for having a birth the way you want it to be, not the way a doctor or hospital want it.  Cassie was awesome and exactly what I needed to get through my natural childbirth.  I wish I would have made the decision the same with my first two, but if I ever have any more, Cassie will be my first call.

- HB

Cassie was exactly who we needed to guide us through the birthing process of our first child.  Her fun and bright demeanor kept us calm during labor, and she was able to keep us focused.  She was also a great advocate for what we needed, and communicated effectively with the hospital staff.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat, especially for first-time parents!

- KK

Cassie was a blessing to our family during our journey into parenthood.  As a military couple we like things organized and predictable and that is certainly not what bringing a baby into the world is all about.  Cassie was there to comfort me as a new mom-to-be by answering all of the questions that my obstetrician never seemed to have the time to answer.  She also advocated for us during the delivery, which was anything but predictable.  Cassie honored our wishes, always encouraged me, calmed my fears, and offered relief for everyone on my birth team so they could relax and have much needed breaks during my labor.  Even though my labor was long, she stayed with us until we were settled in a postpartum suite and promptly checked in on us at home within the week to make sure everyone was adjusted.  Even if you have a great obstetrician and deliver in the hospital, a doula will take the time to make sure your needs are adressed as a woman and strive to make your birth everything you want it to be.  I would definitely recommend a doula in all birthing situations and if you are looking for the best, choose Cassie!

- SK

Cassie was my labor doula for my first child's hospital birth this past May.  She was absolutely amazing.  I was in labor 24 hours (10.5 at home and the rest at the hospital.)  She was my advocate in following my birth plan, and she was a wonderful coach.  Cassie is calm, peaceful and forever patient...

- EP

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